Hi, my name is
Adrian Todt.
I engineer solutions for...

I'm a back-end focused full-stack software engineer based in Brazil.

My Journey

Self-taught Programmer

Started learning programming since 2013, with my first programming language being Lua, then batch files.

After that, I started learning HTML and PHP, then C#, Java and Kotlin.

Computer System Technician & Computer Science Bachelor Student
  • Federal Institute of São Paulo
    Federal Institute of São Paulo

    Graduated in 2017 as a Computer System Technician.

  • Federal University of São Carlos
    Federal University of São Carlos

    Entered in 2018 as a Computer Science Bachelor Student.

Mid Software Programmer
  • Tokenlab

    Working since 2020 in development of back-end systems with Node.js and TypeScript.

Personal Projects

  • Lin

    Lin is a in-development lean programming language, designed from the ground up to be embedded into anything and everything.

    The language borrows heavily from Kotlin and JavaScript, and is designed to be a fast scripting language that can be embedded into other applications. Lin is being developed in Kotlin Multiplatform, and is designed to be compiled to JavaScript, JVM, and native code.


      Tartar is a Kotlin Multiplatform library for trie-based lexical analysis and pratt-parsing, with its API being exposed to developers as a DSL.

      This library was created by packing most tools that I personally use in my programming language projects, and packing them into a single library. Tartar is currently being used in Lin and many other of my projects.


      LeanVM is a lean and fast bytecode and virtual machine, originally designed for Lin, but separated into its own project for easier development and to isolate the bytecode from the language.

  • Lunarr

    Lunarr is a in-development system which oversees and synchronizes many media automation, media players and content requesting services, such as Plex, Ombi, Sonarr, Radarr, and many others.

    The system is designed to be a single point of control for all media-related services, and to be able to synchronize and automate many tasks, such as requesting new content, allowing or denying requests, and providing a unified feed of events. Lunarr is being developed in TypeScript with Node.js and React, and allows users to interact with the system through a web interface, a Discord bot, and a REST API.

  • Nanoflakes

    Nanoflakes is a standard for unique IDs, which are designed to be as small as possible, while still being unique. The standard is designed to fit in a 64-bit integer, and is backwards-compatible with Twitter's Snowflakes.

    There are reference implementations of the Nanoflakes standard available in Java, Kotlin and JavaScript.

  • DB

    DiceBot is a simple Discord bot which allows users to roll dice, using the same syntax as the Rollem discord bot.

    The bot is written in TypeScript with Node.js and Discord.js, and is currently being used in two different Discord bots.

      Dragon Dice
      Dragon Dice


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